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Welcome to the Official Camillus Sportsmen's Club Website

Trap News

CNY League - 2015Images: ClayBirdSmall.png

Link to CNY League Web Page - Scores, Standings, Schedule

 Results - July 28, 3 Rivers @ Camillus

  • Match Winner - Camillus, 196 to 191
  • Weather - Bright Sky, 85 degrees, humid
  • # of CSC Shooters - (68), 10 Juniors
  • Scores of 25 - (4) - Conrad Hess(50), John Major(50), Dave Corrente, Marco Palumbo(Jr)(1st)
  • Scores of 24 - (6) - Aaron Case, Joe Walsh(Jr), Matt Salvatore, Bob Karker, Al Reich, Tim Corrente
  • Link to Camillus Team ScoreBook Results - pdf file
  • Camillus Schedule . pdf

Next Match - August 4, Skaneateles @ Camillus

Tri-County League - 2015

Link to League Rules and Schedule

Otisco  Results - July 15

  • Winning Club of Day - Otisco Lake, Salmon Creek 2nd.
  •  Otisco Leads league by 25+ Birds - Salmon Creek Second, followed by Weedsport, Bville and Jordan
  • # of Shooters in League - 144
  • # of Scores Posted - ???
  • Scores of 25 - (11) - Joanna Bishop(75), Jerry Abbott(50), Tom Anthony(75), Alexcis Coningsby(50), Rich Bobbet(50), Steve Black, Mike Richardson, Bob Karker, Tim Corrente, Mike lanning, Carl Plochko
  • Tim Corrente leads league for high average.
  • # Lewis Players - 45

Next Match @ Jordan, July 22  ... Last League Match


Members Range - RM Availability
Club News

Rifle Range Availability

... Updated as Times are Known (7/26)...

(RM) permission is required to use the Rifle Range

Members Rifle Range - (RM on site) Schedule
Day Date Time Open Time Closed Use  Scheduled
Use (Any)
Sat 7/25     Likely Available to 5PM


Sun 7/26  9AM Sunset

Mon  7/27  9AM 5PM
Evening League (@5:30)


 7/28  1PM 5PM

Closed @ 5:30, CNY Trap

Yes (2)
Wed  7/29  
Morning League (@9AM)
Thu  7/30  
Morning Training
Fri  7/31  9AM Sunset
Shared Use
Sat 8/1   Club Closed IBS Championships Yes
Sun 8/2   Club Closed IBS Championships Yes
Range Monitor Application Process
Club News

Club News

Last Update- 7/17/15

 Range Monitor Application Process:

  • Application and Approval Process (pdf) - Link To:
    • Also Available at Club House
  • RM Application Form (pdf) - Link To:
    • Also Available at Club House

New ... Range Signs: (Changes on Center Fire Rifle Ranges Only - Warning Lights Use and Permissions)

Club ... Guest Policy: (One Change)

  • Member must Register in Club House before using Range.

New ... Camera System:

  • 4 New Cameras and new Server Installed and Operational
  • Club now has 11 cameras viewing and recording range and facility activity

New ... Personell Down Range - Warning Lights System:

  • Operational on Members and Tournaments Rifle Ranges
  • Flashing Overhead Lights for Covered Bench Area
  • Activated by On/Off Switches located on posts in front of shooting benches
  • Can be turned On or Off from any location
  • Must be activated before anyone can proceed downrange for any purpose
  • There is to be no firearm handling at the benches when the warning system is active!
  • Person that Activates the system must be the one to de-activate the system

New ... Permanent Equipmemt Shelves on Members Rifle Range replacing free standing benches.

Club Clinics and Schools
Club News

2015 Club Clinics and Schools List


  • Youth Trap and Skeet School .....  Completed
  • Metallic Silhouette Clinic ............ May 2 - Completed
  • Small Arms School - AR15 Clinic - June 7 - Completed
  • Hunter Ed - May 23 - Completed
  • Ladies Skeet Clinic - August 15
  • Sporting Clays Clinic
Club Ranges
Club News

Club Ranges, Guests, and ID

Last Updated - 7/17/15

  • Avaliability - The outdoor center fire rifle ranges are open for use by club members and guests when there is a Club designated Rules Monitor (RM) person present on Club grounds. 
    • (RM) permission is required to use this Club range.
    • Shooters must locate and inform the (RM) of desire to use the range.
    • Check in clubhouse if (RM) cannot be located on range.
  • (RM) Schedule - A schedule for (RM) availability will be posted weekly starting July 18. Time on additional days may be available if a designated (RM) is present at the Club. Call the Club on off days (672-8331) to check on range availability.
  • Guest Policy - Excepting Supervised Clays and Archery Ranges
    • One (1) shooting guest is allowed on a range per member.
    • Member Is Responsible .... for supervising Guest activity at all times.
    • Member Must Register  .... at club house and pay guest fee before using any Range.
  • Membership ID .... Must be displayed when using any Club Range.
  • Video Cameras .... 24 hour monitoring and recording of all range activities is now active.

Note - Failure to observe Club Rules may result in loss of membership privleges.

Federation News

Images: OCFoSC_logo.jpgNews and Activities

Link to Federation Web Site

IBS Bench Rest Tournament
Help Needed

Club Event

NY State Benchrest Championships

Saturday, August 1st and Sunday, August 2nd

Club Schedule for Tournament:

  • All Club Ranges will be closed on Saturday and Sunday, Aug 1 and 2.
  • Vehicle traffic past Covered range will be stopped at club entrance on Sat and Sun.
  • Indoor Range will be closed on Friday at noon. (Range serves as a loading area)
  • Archery Range will be closed on Thursday at noon and will be closed thru Sunday. (RV Parking area)
  • Moving Backer System will be installed at 100 yards on Wednesday, July 29
  • Tournaments Range will be closed for any scheduled use from Wednesday Evening thru Sunday.
  • Target crew help is still needed on Sat and Sun afternoon. Contact Bob Hamister (reloadr@yahoo.com)


Event Flyer.pdf

CSC Youth Development Program
Club News

Juniors - Trap and Skeet School

**** Link to Junior Programs Page **

  • Class Completed - Great Job by All
  • Boys and Girls - Ages 12 Thru 17
  • Program Director - Jim Palumbo, (315-506-0381)
  • Link to Program Flyer

Black Powder
Club News

Black Powder Interest ?Images: BlkPwderImg.png

2nd Saturday of Every Month

  • Open to anyone interested in Black Powder - shooting, watching, learning.
  • Shooting from 9AM to 10:30 AM - Very Informally
  • Anyone can bring a muzzle loader and join in, any caliber, sights, etc.
  • If you have any interest or suggestions please contact Mike Arnold [Hunter Ed Director] at (arnoldmichael@verizon.net).
Club News

Images: BowPicForNews.jpgArchery

To all Club Members

If any of you have any ideas or comments regarding the archery range and how it might be improved, please feel free to contact me. (bob.wojtecki@gmail.com) I would like to get some idea on the amount of usage and sugestions for improvements.

Ney York State Firearms Legislation

S.A.F.E ActImages: AR_15.JPG

NYS Laws and Pending Legislation - Club Page


Law Enforcement Notices - Counter Terrorism Activities