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Welcome to the Official Camillus Sportsmen's Club Website

Summer Leagues
Club News

Summer Club Leagues


Club Summer Leagues

  • NRA High Power Rifle - Mon & Fri Evenings - April 25 Start
  • 200 Yd Center Fire Bench Rest Rifle for Score - Wed Mornings, 9AM - Started
  • 50 yd Rimfire Bench Rest Rifle (IR50/50) - Wed Mornings, 11AM - Started
  • 100 yd Factory Class Rifles for Score - Wed Afternoons, 1PM - Started
  • Hunter Silhouette Pistol and Rimfire Rifle - Thurs Evenings - May 1 Start
  • CNY Trap League - Tues Evenings (Traveling, 10 Home - 10 Away) - Started
  • Black Powder Fun League - 2nd Sat of each Month - Started

Organized Trap and Skeet Practice

  • Saturdays - 10AM to 3PM
  • Mondays - 1PM to 7PM

Sporting Clays

  • First and Last Saturdays of the Month
CSC Youth Development Program
Club News

Youth Instructional Program

Trap and Skeet

When:Images: Youth_Trap_Dankiw.png

  • May Thru Mid July
  • 10 Week Schedule


  • Boys and Girls
  • Ages 12 thru 17

Informational Meeting:

  • Sunday, April 27
  • 2 PM at Club House


To Participate:

Contact Jim Palumbo, (315-506-0381) or Email CSC {info@CamillusSportsmensClub.com}

Black Powder
Club News

Black Powder Interest ?Images: BlkPwderImg.png

2nd Saturday of Every Month

Open to anyone interested in Black Powder - shooting, watching, learning.

Shooting from 9AM to 10:30 AM - Very Informally

Anyone can bring a muzzle loader and join in, any caliber, sights, etc.

If you have any interest or suggestions please contact Mike Arnold [Hunter Ed Director] at (marnold1@twcny.rr.com).

Club News

Images: BowPicForNews.jpgClub Archery

To all Club Members

  • From: Club Archery Director - Bob Wojtecki
  • email - bob.wojtecki@gmail.com

Our archery facility currently consists of a raised platform, (2) hanging bag targets, a straw bale target and a hanging disc target for broadhead use. I would like to develop the archery range a little more in the near future, but need some input from archers in the club.

If any of you have any ideas or comments regarding the archery range and how it might be improved, please feel free to contact me at 'bob.wojtecki@gmail.com'. I would like to get some idea on the amount of usage and sugestions for improvements.

Thanks for your time and interest. I look forward to meeting my fellow archers.

Bob Wojtecki

Onondaga Federation of Sportsmens Clubs News
News Flash

Onondaga County

Federation of Sportsmens Clubs News

Onondaga County Legislature Resolved  (13 to 4)  TO REPEAL the SAFE ACT

Remember your County and State Legislators Voting Record  the next time you vote.

SAFE Act Voting Records - State Legislators

 Name Office Party Voting Record
 DeFrancisco Senate Rep  No
 Valeski Senate Dem  Yes
 Roberts Asm
Dem  Yes
 Stirpe Asm
Dem  Yes
 Magnarelli Asm
Dem  Yes
 Oats Asm Rep  No
 Seward Sen
Rep  No
 Finch Asm
Rep  No

Federation WIN Program

Link to Federation WIN Event

Images: winlogo.pngImages: winarchery2_s.JPGImages: winkayak_s.JPG


Ney York State Firearms Legislation
News Flash

NYS Firearms Law - In Force Now


SAFE ACT  WebSite - Q & A plus On Line Registration

Link to NYS Police - SAFE Act - Users Guide.pdf

This Information Last Updated - April 16, 2014

BackGround Check on Ammunition Purchases Remains Delayed

Civilian Magazine Loading Limit in NYS is 7 Rounds (Any Fire Arm)


  • Assault weapon redefined - Requires Registration by April 15, 2014 - Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, including those classified as Antiques (50 years old or older).
  • Assault Rifle is ANY Semi Automatic Rifle with a Removable Magazine and any of the following features (Folding Stock, Telescoping Stock, Thumbhole Stock, Pistol Grip, Flash Hider, Muzzel Brake, Muzzel Compensator, Bayonette Lug, Threaded Muzzel)
  • Assault Shotgun is ANY Semi Automatic Shotgun with any of the following features. (Folding or telescoping stock, Thumbhole stock, A second handgrip or protrusion that can be held by non-trigger hand, fixed magazine capacity greater than 7 rounds, ability to accept a detachable magazine)
  • Assault Pistol - Semi Automatic with the ability to accept a detachable magazine and any of the following features. (folding or telescoping stock, Thumbhole stock, A second handgrip or protrusion that can be held with the non-trigger hand, capacity to accept a ammunition magazine that attaches to the pistol outside the pistol grip, A threaded barrel capable of accepting a barrel extention / flash hider / surpressor / foreward handgrip / or silencer, any type of barrel shroud that prevents gripping without being burned, a manufactured weight of 50 OZ or more unloaded, a semi automatic version of an automatic firearm)


  • Magazine capacity limit is 10 Rounds - ANY REMOVABLE Magazine. (Unless magazine is antique)
  • Tubular Magazine fire arms have no capacity limitations at this time.
  • Posession of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds (unless it is an Antique) is prohibited after January 2014. - Permanent modifications can be made to limit loading capacity.
  • Antique Magazines with a loading capacity greater than 10 rounds must be registered.

Magazine Loading Limit:

  • NYS Magazine Loading Limit is 7 Rounds - Any Fire Arm
  • (Exception is Law Enforcement, Registered Competitions, or instructional venue with a NRA certified {or equivalent} Range Officer Present.)

Sales and Transfer:

  • Private Firearm sales banned except to immediate family, NICS check by dealer required.
  • Any ammunition  purchase or transfer will require a buyer check modeled after the Federal NICS check starting January 2014. Seller may charge a fee for check.
  • Transferability - No fire arm classified as an "Assault Weapon" is Ownership Transferable or inheritable in NY State unless it is classified as an Antique (50 years old or older).

Registration and Permits:

  • All Hand Gun and Assault Weapon Permits have a 5 year term limit and require a renewal application to maintain.
  • Pistol Permits - Any present permit must be renewed.
  •  Registration (Fire Arms and Magazines) - By April 15, 2014 - Any fire arm that meets a "Assault Weapon" definition must be registered, including antiques. Antique Magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds must be registered.
  • Ammunition Seller Registration - By January 15, 2014 - Forms not available yet. (DELAYED)
  • Weapon Registration Forms - Forms Available NOW - NYS Police Web Site (This Link)


If a person becomes ineligible to hold a pistol permit, the SAFE Act requires the person to surrender all firearms  to police, including all rifles and shotguns for which no licence or registration is required.

Counter Terrorism Notices
Club News

Law Enforcement Notices

Counter Terrorism Activities

  • NY State - Division of Homeland Security

                Operation Safeguard.pdf

  • FBI - Joint Terrorism Task Force

             Potential Terrorist Activity Indicators.pdf

Trap News

CNY - Trap LeagueImages: ClayBirdSmall.png

Link to CNY League Web Page (New Item)


Camillus Match Results - April 22 vs. Bridgeport 

  • Camillus wins 198 to 192
  • Camillus had 45 Shooters (1 Jr) - Bridgeport had 22 Shooters (2 Jrs)
  • Shooting Conditions - Cold, Windy, Some Rain
  • Scores of 25 - Ben McIntyre, Chuck Parker, Bob Karker, Rich Prior, Tim Corrente, Dave Corrente
  • Scores of 24 - Bob Weigand, Mike Dankiew, Randy Loveless
  • Next Match at 3 Rivers, April 29

 ...... Scheduled Trap Practice Times at Club......

  • Mondays - 1PM to 7PM
  • Saturdays - 10AM to 3PM

Tri-County Trap League

Link to Rules and Schedule

Jordan Match Results, April 16

  • Salmon Creek was the day winner.
  • Bville was 2nd, Otisco was 3rd.
  • 25's - ONE by Jr Shooter Alexcis Coningsby
  • Long Bird was MISSED by Chris Pollichemi
  • 9 shooters played Lewis
  • Next Match at Weedsport - April 23
Sporting Clays
Club News
Sporting ClaysImages: ClayShooter_Small.JPG
(First and Last Saturday of the Month)


  • 9AM to 2PM Squadding
  • $4 per round of 25 Clays
  • Rabbits, Mini's, Bateaus, Midi's, Standard Targets
  • Varied Presentations - Singles, Pairs, Report Pairs, Following Pairs
  • Link to Flyer.pdf
Hunter Ed Class
Club News
Hunter Education Class's - 2014 

4 Class's will be Scheduled - There will be One BOW Course scheduled in September. All courses will be On Line Preparation, Final Testing and Certificate Issue will be at the Club. Course Registration will only be available On Line through the DEC Web Site.

  • Link to NYS DEC Class Registration Web Page
  • Directions to Club
  • Class Dates and Times (May not be Posted on DEC Web Site yet)
    • 1. Saturday, March 29 - 7:30AM to 3PM - GUN - Completed
    • 2. Saturday, July 19  - 7:30AM to 3PM - GUN
    • 3. Saturday, September 6 - 7:30AM to 3PM - BOW
    • 4. Saturday, September 13 - 7:30AM to 3PM - GUN
Lost and Found
Lost & Found
at Club

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