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MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN: Ted Gacek – If you have not renewed your membership:

Complete the Renewal Form [found on the CSC web page] indicating any changes in your information since your last renewal. Renewal fees have not changed.

You then have two submission options: mail the application with payment to the club [Camillus Sportsmen’s Club, Inc., PO Box 164, Camillus, NY 13031]; or drop off the application, with payment attached, at the club in the Guest Fee box located in the club house.

PLEASE NOTE:  Club membership renewals are due before March 1, 2017.  If not received, your club access card will be de-activated on that date.  AND, your 2016 work credit will not be credited March 1st, and after, to your membership renewal fee.

NOTE:  If you have already renewed, IGNORE this message and the reminder letter from the club.

If you have any issues, contact one of the club officers or directors.  If you have had any changes in your email address in the last year, please advise us of the change at



QUOTE OF THE MONTH:   “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”  Margaret Thatcher


PRESIDENT  –  Hal DeBoer

Membership in the Club continues to grow.  Our endeavors to make the Camillus Sportsmen’s Club the Premier Facility for Shooting Sports in Central New York are becoming evident.  We can’t forget that Safety must be First and Foremost to meet this standard.  As a condition of membership, every member must understand and abide by the rules. We are working hard to insure members understand the critical role they play in protecting the safety of themselves and those around them.  We believe that the safest firearm is one that is being handled by a safety conscious sportsman.  We regard this as the cornerstone of our overall safety program.

The Rules and Safety Committee has worked hard and designed the rules to make our facilities as safe as possible and to safely and conveniently accommodate as many of our members as possible at any given time. There are also the unspoken rules of etiquette, often referred to as a blend of common sense, courtesy and safety. If you see a violation of the rules or an unsafe condition, it is incumbent upon each member to call this to the immediate attention of the member violating the rules or operating in an unsafe manner. If you are uncomfortable addressing the matter directly, please contact one of the Club Officers or Directors.

Please be aware that any violation of the safety rules may result in the Member being asked to leave the Club for the day, suspension of Club use privileges for an extended period of time, or loss of membership, depending on the severity or frequency of the violations.

As with everything you do when at the Club, have fun and be safe. That’s the point of our hobby. We do this because we enjoy it. Let’s make sure that we have fun, do it safely, and allow others to also have fun, in a safe and friendly environment.


SECRETARY:  Bob Dankiw – The Onondaga County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs offers a scholarship [   ].  This scholarship is open to any student, who has been accepted by, or is presently enrolled in any accredited College or Technical Institute, and who plans to use their education in helping with Conservation – specifically hunting, fishing and trapping – even if their field of study is not directly related to Biology.  Examples include but are not limited to: outdoor writers, biologists, Environmental Conservation Police, web designers, Fisheries Science, political science majors, forestry, teachers… – as long as the student can demonstrate a worthwhile effect on conservation, hunting, fishing or trapping.  NOTE:  The Camillus Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. will match the scholarship award for the son or daughter of a member.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CSC member George Wede!  90 years young!  And a better man and better shot you will not find.



SAFETY REMINDERS:  For members’ safety: the ranges, clubhouse, meeting room, and other facilities are safeguarded by security cameras, and entry to the property is recorded by the electronic access system.

RULE:  Members must directly supervise the activities of any guests or children.

RULE:  No firearm will be handled when anyone is down range.

RULE:  No firearm will be handled when range red lights are activated.

NOTE:  If you are reminded of a rule you may be bending or breaking, don’t argue, be civil.  If you have an issue you want to discuss, do it with an officer or director of the club.  Under no circumstance will a confrontation be tolerated.

NOTE:  Members should display their membership cards while on a range.


PISTOL:  Bob Paul – We have several projects in the works. Indoor range heating and ventilation systems are currently under evaluation. Also under consideration are sound-proofing upgrades and an electric target retrieval unit for each firing station. Most of the construction activity associated with these improvements will take place during the lower traffic summer months. Completion of these improvements has yet to be determined but will likely be the Fall of 2017.

Current Indoor Range Activities [Come shoot with us!]

Bullseye – Monday Evenings (5:00 to 9:00 PM) till 3/5/2017.

Silhouette – Tuesday Evenings (6:00 to 8:00 PM) till 3/7/2017.

Indoor Wednesday Fun League (8:00 AM to Noon] to April

We will be polling the membership to determine interest in the following subjects…

– GSSF Tournament:  Some of our members have expressed interest in having CSC host a Glock- sponsored shooting tournament. We will soon be sending an E-mail to the members to determine interest.  For more information about GSSF tournaments, follow this link:

– Handgun Education: Member inquiries have also prompted the board to investigate the possibility of hosting a professional handgun training course at the club. We will be sending the membership a survey to determine the specific points of interest and the seminar will be designed with those details in mind. Stay tuned!

– CSC Handgun Familiarization: Many of our members are new gun owners and have asked if some form of general handgun instruction is available. The board has directed me to determine membership interest and create a lesson plan for such a seminar. As with the Handgun Education Course, we will be sending a survey to the members via E-mail to gauge interest.


CLAYS:  Chris Pollichemi – We’re planning upgrades to the parking proximate to the skeet fields, improving access to the skeet house, repairing and/or replacing the fences between the skeet houses.  Additionally, we are considering the construction of a ‘pavilion-like’ area to the west of the clubhouse for skeet and trap shooters


ARCHERY:  Mark Doneburgh – A bunch of arrows are in the air that target improvements to and expansion of the archery range.  We’ll need help building improved access to the shooting stand, configuring storage space for equipment in the barn, and relocating targets and ranges.

We joined the New York Crossbow Coalition in response to members interest.

We’ll be acquiring shooting equipment, especially for supervised youth shooting.

We plan to reorient some of the range alleys to add depth and width to shooting opportunities.

If you can volunteer some time to help with projects, or have some ideas to improve our facilities, let me know.  Most of our efforts will begin when the weather improves.  I hope to see you on the range!


RIFLE:  Bob Hamister – The leagues are running smoothly.  If you have an interest in anything rifle, check the calendar and stop by when a league is scheduled.  Your participation in leagues is welcome.


BUILDINGS & GROUNDS:  Dave Zoanetti  –  Waiting for the weather to break for the outdoor projects.  Every day needs include emptying the trash, picking up brass and shell casings, and the occasional snow shoveling around the clubhouse and ranges.  If you see a shovel, it’s there to be used.

The appearance and improvements to the club are every member’s responsibility.


PUBLIC RELATIONS & AFFILIATIONS:  Mike Arnold – If you haven’t done so yet, check out the club’s web pages:  Log into the members section for the calendar, and for activities and league information.  If you are having trouble logging on, please let us know.  We can get you a user name and password.


AFFILIATIONS:  NY Crossbow Coalition

CLUB STORE:  Check the store out in the members section of the web site.  Reasonable prices at:


NOTE:  General Membership meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 pm, in the club training room.  It’s your club.


Chris Pollichemi, Vice President  ~~  Mike Arnold, Public Relations & Affiliations

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