Camillus Sportsmen’s Club

Founded in 1949, the Camillus Sportsmen’s Club has been in operation for more than 60 years. The Club is a private, non-profit, membership operated organization dedicated to supporting shooting sports activities and conservation
Efforts in the Central New York Region.

The Club has multiple range facilities for handgun, rifle, shotgun and archery. Club membership is a family membership, extending to age 18 for children.

The Club membership period is Calendar Year and all
Members have access to the Clubhouse.

Seniors are offered membership at a discounted rate. There are no set Club operating hours, outside shooting may begin at 9:00 AM every day and ends at legal sunset. These times are strictly enforced.

The Club Indoor range is available to members 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

The Club offers year round organized league activities in:
• Rifle
• Handgun
• Shotgun Clay Target Sports

The club offers a Junior Shotgun/Clays Program annually, educating students (ages 12 years to 18 years old) in firearm safety, operation, etiquette, and competition skills in the clay target shooting sports.

Additionally, the Club holds nationally registered competitions in:
• International Benchrest Shooters
• United States Rimfire Associaion IR50/50 Benchrest
• National Rifle Association High Power Rifle
• Civilian Marksmenship Program Rifle Clinic

Location & Premises

The Club is located on 100 acres of land approximately 6 miles West of Syracuse NY and borders the now abandoned Improved Erie Canal between Camillus and Warners NY.

The original Erie Canal (Clinton’s Ditch) passed directly through the Club grounds and remnants of this canal can still be seen on Club property. The access road to the Club is actually a portion of the Improved Erie Canal Towpath and begins at Devoe Road directly across from the Camillus Erie Canal Park.

This road is a shared road with the NYS Erie Canal Bicycle and Hiking Trail.

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse and restrooms are handicapped accessible. A kitchen facility and picnic pavilion support many year round Club activities. A 50 ft indoor pistol and rimfire rifle range offers eight shooting stations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A dedicated meeting & classroom for Safety Courses, CMP Clinics, and as a reloading area for benchrest league shooters is located behind the rifle range.

Lighted parking areas offer convenient clubhouse access. Entry to the club grounds is secured with Radio Frequency Identification member cards that are used to access the clubhouse, indoor range, and open the parking entry gate. Video surveillance of the entire club property is in operation 24 hours a day.

Shotgun Sports

Shotgun Sports are supported by 4 Skeet Ranges, 8 Trap ranges, a Sporting Clays setup, handset clay throwing and a patterning board range. Trap and Skeet shooting access is offered anytime during daytime hours with voice release systems and 5 large capacity automatic Traps including a Wobble Trap.

The Skeet ranges have two fields with large capacity automatic machines and two fields with smaller capacity machines. Members n pay for their targets on a Clays Account Card used to activate the fields during daylight hours.

High-Power Rifle & Handgun Shooting

High Power Rifle and Handgun shooting is supported with an outdoor range extending to 300 meters. A burmed pit area at 300 yards protects 20 target carriers and is used for leagues, NRA and CMP registered competitions, and general membership activities.

Target boards at 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards are provided for paper target placement. There are also metal targets at 300 meters.  The High Power Range has a covered shooter area with 40 benchrest style benches. In general any firearm can be used on the High Power Range and shooters may drive to each target placement yardage using either of the club’s two Range Carts on the convenient access driveway.

Junior Shooter Programs

Junior Shooter Programs – The Club actively supports junior shooters with the shotgun sports of Trap and Skeet. The Club can supply all necessary equipment to get a junior shooter started. This includes shotgun, shooting belt/vest, ear protection, and eye protection. High Power Rifle equipment can be made available to juniors participating in Club Leagues or attending Registered Matches. Camillus Sportsmen’s Club sponsors (pays for) junior (12 to 18 yrs.) club members’ participation in the summer and winter Trap Leagues.

Low-Power Rifle & Handgun Shooting

Low Power Rifle and Handgun shooting is supported with an outdoor range extending to 100 yards. This outdoor range offers covered shooting stations and has a metallic “swinger” target plus a paper target board set at 7, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards.

The Club also has a 50 ft indoor range with eight shooting stations. The indoor range allows .22 Caliber Rimfire Rifles and Handguns, Airguns, and Centerfire Handguns firing any cartridge excluding armor piercing or tracer bullets. This range is available for use at all hours every day of the week.

League Activities

League Activities – The Club has year round organized leagues for many popular shooting disciplines. There are summer leagues for NRA High Power Rifle, Center Fire Benchrest Rifle, Rim Fire Benchrest Rifle, Metallic Silhouette Pistol and Rifle, Trap, and Skeet. During the winter there are Indoor Leagues for NRA Bullseye Pistol, Paper Silhouette Pistol and Rifle, Smallbore Position Rifle, and NRA Light Rifle. For the hearty winter shooter there are Outdoor Leagues for Trap, Skeet, Center Fire Benchrest Rifle, and Off Hand High Power Rifle.